Lifestyle photography is a type of service that tells stories by capturing real situations experienced by people.

It represents special moments of life or is used to treat yourself to some family or couple photos.

It is made up of spontaneous portraits and natural shots contextualized in the environments in which you live or that you particularly love or to which you are most attached, in the city where you live or in places where you can live a different experience than usual, in the most sincere way possible : without resorting to poses or scenic constructions.

My family lifestyle photography perfectly reflects this way of shooting. It is a new way

to tell about the family, a more authentic way, more intimate and closer to the subjects and their way of being.

During one of my Lifestyle sessions I will follow you in creating real life images,

through your truest emotions.

The result is the telling of a story as faithful as possible to the reality experienced by the subjects or to remember a special moment to be reviewed forever and thus stop time. The expectation of a child, his first smiles, the photos of the whole family on a sunny day: witness a bond with authentic and sincere memories.

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